Frequently Asked Questions

Are meals provided?

Yes - a variety of cereals and toast are available for the children to help themselves to. Younger children will be helped but the staff encourage the children to be independent and help themselves.

A light snack tea is provided in the afternoon, such as beans on toast, crumpets, soup, pizza.

Fruit and squash are provided freely for all children to take as required, and the children's water bottles are made available.

Children bring their own packed lunches to holiday club except where a trip includes lunch; this is communicated via the holiday plan provided to each parent before holidays commence.

What is the morning drop off and afternoon collection procedure?

In the morning, Juniors leave first to allow the infants a few minutes to get their coats and bags sorted. Infants are escorted into the playground and staff stay to ensure they are in the right line until the bell goes and the children are escorted in by the teachers.

In the afternoon, children make their way to the hall and are collected by the SOS staff. A register is taken of all expected children. Children are then escorted across to SOS where activities, snack and juice will be available.

Does SOS encourage outdoor play?

SOS has a small garden where the children can play under supervision and also access to the school playing fields and trim trail for outdoor activities. You are welcome to provide a pair of 'playing out' shoes to wear instead of school shoes.

What type of activities do the children do at SOS?

We have a range of dedicated areas from creative and home corner to a cosy "chill out" area. iPads and a games console are available and playing time is monitored to ensure children make the most of the different activities on offer as well as making friends! One or more structured activities are planned daily by our playworkers and the children engage in free play time with their friends and the resources on offer. For full time members, your child will be assigned a keyworker who gets to know your child and develop his or her unique needs through play and guidance.

Can I add ad hoc sessions?

We understand that at times work / personal plans mean that additional one off sessions may be required. These should be arranged with the staff on site directly who will be able to advise if there is space for these occasions.

What are the payment options / when am I invoiced?

Fees for term time booked places are payable monthly in 11 instalments from September to July. You will receive an invoice for the month ahead and payment is required in advance.

Ad hoc bookings and holiday places will be charged in arrears on the invoice following the booking or holiday period. The long summer holiday may also be billed halfway through.

We accept many payment methods including personal cheque but prefer payment by childcare vouchers, bank transfer or monthly standing order (payment details are on the invoices).

Please provide It is preferable for SOS to be able to invoice via email as some children only attend once or twice a week - email invoicing ensures you receive it straight away and have opportunity to pay on time.

What if my child is unwell / cannot attend?

If your child is unwell or will not be attending a session (parent on holiday / dentist appointment etc) then please let us know (by telephone if on the day of the booking) so we can amend the register.

What happens if I am late collecting my child?

We understand that in emergency circumstances parents / carers may be late. If you think that you will be late and have no alternative carers to collect then you must telephone the staff. Late collection of children has a knock-on effect for staff who have their own childcare arrangements. Children not collected by 5.45pm incur an additional expense to the club, which will be passed onto the parent/guardian and charged with the next payment of fees.

Can someone else collect my child?

Children must be collected by an agreed parent / guardian only and signed out by that parent / carer. In the event that this is not possible and an alternative carer will be collecting, parents must inform SOS staff ahead of the carer arriving. We have a password system in place - you will need to choose this when you first join SOS and a note of it will be held on your child's file. If an alternative carer collects they will need to provide this password to be allowed access into the building. All parents and carers are accompanied on site while collecting children.

How will you handle my child's medical condition / illness?

You will be given a form to complete as part of the registration pack to advise of any medical conditions that SOS needs to be aware of. Medication must be held on site if it is needed by the child e.g. inhaler / allergy medication. This must have been prescribed by a doctor and labelled with your child's name and dosage.

All staff have first aid training.

How will you handle my child's food allergy?

At registration, children with a food allergy have a document created with a photograph attached. This details the allergy and is displayed in the kitchen area. As with other medical conditions (see above), please ensure the appropriate medication is supplied in the unlikely even that the allergy is triggered.

All staff have first aid training and food allergy awareness.

As part of our policies to protect children with allergies, SOS must insist that no nuts are brought on site. It is impossible for us to guarantee that all parents follow this advice and that SOS will be nut free, so please advise your child how to stay safe by not sharing other children's packed lunches.

How do I keep up to date with SOS news?

We email out a monthly newsletter to members (copies are available on our Downloads page) and we have a parent notice board in the building entrance.

How do I book a holiday club place?

Booking is on a first come first served basis and children do not need to attend in term time to use it. Details are published via email to our previous users and on site at SOS around 4-6 weeks before the holiday along with a booking form.

Are you part of Woodhouse Primary School?

No - SOS is an independent business that is situated within the grounds of Woodhouse School.

Can I volunteer on the Committee or as a helper?

Definitely! SOS is run as a not for profit charity so we rely on parents to help out either regularly or on an ad hoc basis.

The committee meets monthly to discuss key issues, improvements to the scheme and other topics. It's a great way to meet other parents and help shape your child's care provision. All committee members either hold or will need to register for an enhanced DBS check.

We also appreciate help from parents who have skills that we can call upon when needed e.g. handy man, plumber, amateur decorator or gardener. If you would like to offer your support to help keep our costs low, please register your details with the staff on your next visit, or email

I can't volunteer, how else can I help?

We gratefully accept donations of toys and games which are complete and in good condition, unless we already have them! If you know of / work for a local company that has donated raffle prizes to charities in the past, we would welcome the contact details. If you have ideas for improvements or suggestions for new (local) trips or activities we really welcome your input. You can email or use the drop box in the foyer to leave details.

We are a Registered Charity (Number 1012711) and gratefully accept donations

Everything we receive, be it help or donations, helps to raise funds or lower costs for SOS, which means we can keep our fees low for the benefit of all parents.