SOS New Starter Forms

Title Description Link to file
Welcome Letter / Registration Pack New members should download and complete this pack to register their child with SOS. Welcome letter.pdf
Allergy Declaration Parents of children with an allergy that requires monitoring or possible medical attention should download and complete this form. Allergy declaration form.pdf
Medical condition and Medication form If you have indicated that your child has a medical condition, please complete and return this form so we can provide effective care for your child. Use this form to provide updates when required. Medical condition and Medication form.pdf
Parental responsibility and Password for Parent / Carer Collection Form You must register a password with SOS so that your appointed alternative carers can collect your child. Children will not be released to anyone without these details. Parental responsibility and Password form.pdf

SOS General Documentation

Title Description Link to file
Privacy Notice The privacy notice is our public statement of how we apply data protection principles to processing data. Privacy Notice.pdf
Holiday Club Booking Request Form To request Holiday Club places, please download and complete, then return to SOS by email or in person. Holiday Club Booking Form.pdf
Consent Form for External Trips If you are registering for our Holiday Club, you will need to complete and return this form to SOS to enable us to book your child on one of our trip days. External Trip Consent Form.pdf
Placement Request or Amendment Form for initial request of the sessions you will require your child to attend. This form is also used to request an amended pattern of attendance. Holiday Club places are booked using the current dedicated Holiday Booking Form, please contact SOS for this. Placement Request or Amendment.pdf
Prescription Medication Details For medical conditions requiring staff to administer medication, please complete this form to accompany the medicine you are supplying. A new form is required for new medications or amendments to existing instructions. Prescribed Medication Form.pdf

SOS Annual General Meeting

Title Description Link to file
AGM 2017 Presentation The presentation (in PDF) given at this years AGM. Agm presentation 2017.pdf
AGM 2016 Presentation The presentation in (PowerPoint) given at the 2016 AGM. Agm presentation 2016.ppt

Policy Documents

Title Link to file
Administering Medication Policy Administering Medication Policy.pdf
Arrivals and Departures Policy Arrivals and Departures Policy.pdf
Bradley Woods & External Trip Policy Bradley Woods & External Trip Policy.pdf
Complaints Policy Complaints Policy.pdf
Equal Opportunities Policy Equal Opportunities Policy.pdf
EYFS Policy EYFS Policy.pdf
Fire Safety Policy Fire Safety Policy.pdf
Health and Safety Policy Health and Safety Policy.pdf
Healthy Eating Policy Healthy Eating Policy.pdf
Illness and Accidents Policy Illness and Accidents Policy.pdf
Internet Safety Policy Internet Safety Policy.pdf
Intimate Care Policy Intimate Care Policy.pdf
Involving Parents Policy Involving Parents Policy.pdf
Lockdown Policy Lockdown Policy.pdf
Manual Handling Policy Manual Handling Policy.pdf
Missing Children Policy Missing Children Policy.pdf
Mobile Phone Policy Mobile Phone Policy.pdf
Pandemic Flu Policy Pandemic Flu Policy.pdf
Participation Policy Participation Policy.pdf
Play Policy Play Policy.pdf
Risk Assessment Policy Risk Assessment Policy.pdf
Safeguarding Policy Safeguarding Policy.pdf
Social Media Policy Social Media Policy.pdf
Uncollected Children Policy Uncollected Child Policy.pdf
Whistleblowing Policy Whistleblowing Policy.pdf